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  • new page Noah Quicksand
    created by Applejack2307
    New page: Noah Quicksand is a young oceanian Green-Cloak. Noah Quicksand Gender Male Eyes Green Hair Red Age 13 ...

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  • new page Keyshana
    created by A FANDOM user
    New page: A 15 year old girl from south Nile, she bonded with a shark with the help of the bile, She was a former conqueror for Shan, Kov, is now a redcloak...
    Summary: My second character
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    Comment: Is he an actual character
  • new page Sabrina
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    New page: Sabrina lived about 2 miles from the evertree when she was 3 years old, moved to Artica at 10 years old. Her father comes from East Eura, Her mother...
    Summary: My first fan fiction character
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    Comment: FYI, Cazador was in dormant state when Olvan found Lluvia.
  • new page Lluvia Tormenta
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    New page: Lluvia Tormenta is a 12-year old girl from Nilo who summoned a tiger. She is typically teased for being taller than a normal 12-year old. She set out...
    Summary: I made this page!
  • new page Spurit aminals
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    New page: spurit aminals is just something I thought of. Grape beets. the grape beets are the great beasts but weirder.