Spirit animals

Why is Briggan kept in the story?

As you may know, Briggan the Wolf plays an important role in Spirit Animals. But have you ever wondered WHY the author(s) of spirit animals decided to keep Briggan the Wolf in Spirit Animals and not have him killed by an unknown force? That question is easily discovered. They kept Briggan in the series because he's a great beast, and every story needs at least a little power. Sure, Uraza the Leopard brings power too, but why not have at least one wolf in the story? Wolves and lions are a big difference, but that's another story. Wolves bring intelligence, need of freedom, strong instincts, and the feel of being threatened. That last one I can explain, because the Greencloaks are threatened a lot about personal feelings to mistakes. For instance, the Conquerors feel the Greencloaks are being secretive about the Nectar of Ninani, so thats how the Conquerors started a war with the Greencloaks. Let's not get of topic though. Briggan is basically one of the main great beasts, according to what I stated.Without Briggan, Spirit Animals wouldn't be... well... Spirit Animals!